Sunday, October 1, 2017

The 30 day challenge

It's hard to believe that I have not blogged for a few months.  Such is my life, so busy and full, but I am feeling the need to empty my thoughts more.  That is why I have this blog.  Oh, and the other reason is that I am an introvert and still feel the need to communicate!

On September 1st I began a 30 day exercise challenge.  Since I injured my achilles a year and a half ago I have become somewhat lazy on that front.  I set out to walk outdoors or on the elliptical machine for a minimum of 20 per day.

Well, the results are in!  Out of the 30 days I ended up with 24 completed and 6 that I did not walk.  The majority of the failed days were in the last week or so as I caught a head cold and used it as an excuse.

I discovered from my efforts this past month that I am a total procrastinator (I already knew that) and most days I walked on the elliptical between 7 and 8 pm!  There were a few things that I liked about exercising that late in the day.  I kept the room dark and listened to music with my headphones.  It was kind of nice.  I also probably burned off some of my dinner calories.

However, my mind still says that I should go for walks outdoors as much as possible--in the fresh air and sunshine.

When I set out in the beginning of September I had a few people ask if I was going to count steps, as fit bitting is now all the rage.  I do not count steps.  I do see the advantage of it in that it reminds people to move more and sit less.  But what I am after are the benefits of bumping my heart rate up for 20 + minutes at a time.

October is a beautiful month to get out and walk before winter sets in.  Who wants to join me?


  1. Good for you! Very successful 30 days!

  2. I think you were very successful, too! Sometimes we look at the things we don't do instead of the things we do right. Be blessed!

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    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Sorry, I received a forbidden error when I tried to follow. Not sure why. Who knows the depths of Google?