Monday, February 29, 2016

setting small goals

i started tracking my eating on about 4 weeks ago.  at first i just tracked and didn't try really hard to cut back.  i also purposed to exercise a bit more since i had gotten a little lazy over the winter.

after two weeks my weight was the same.  and i was still logging on and keeping track of my food.  thats an achievement!!

so on the third week i decided to start setting little goals.  on week three i set 2 goals.

1.  keep my breakfast calories at 300

2.  up my walking time to 50 minutes  5 times a week.

the results are in:  i lost 2 lbs this past week---great!!!!

so for week four i added another goal:  the keep my snack calories at 300. this is going to be a tough one.  i am an evening snacker!!!!  so i added something else to this goal:  i have to be DONE eating by 7 pm.  so it looks like i should be going to bed earlier.

setting small goals and trying to get them to become habit is my purpose.  i probably will stick with these goals without making more for a few weeks.

so to summarize

breakfast 300 calories
snacks 300 calories total
walk 50 min. 5x week
no food after 7 pm.

i have been taking the turmeric golden paste for a week now instead of ibuprofen (for sciatica and all around aches and pains)

my observations:  while i'm not pain free, i am also not 25 years old.  so some aches and pains are normal and to be expected.  however i really do feel like it has helped with the sciatica pain in my leg.  the burning pain when i walk is gone!  i have also noticed that i'm in a better mood. this could just be from the eating right and exercising, but the turmeric is supposed to be helpful in that respect also.
soooo, i'm going to continue to take it.

there is one more kind of weird thing that i have also decided to do.  i have decided to not get my haircut until i reach my goal weight.  its a control issue with me.

me and my turmeric golden paste!!!

until next time....................

Monday, February 22, 2016

i am such a slacker when it comes to this blog.  i just can't decide what it should be.  


so i am going to make it a health improvement blog.  

at least for the moment.


i'm fat.  

there.  i said it.  

i've always been fit.   yeah.....fat and fit.......

but then.......

i got older.   bleh.

almost 56.  can you believe it?  i don't look a day over 55!!!

i can't ignore it anymore.  

i'm fat.  its okay though.........i've got a plan

i'm gonna eat less and i'm going to walk more.  sounds simple enough!  i think i can do this!!!!

first i have to be honest.   in public........

i'm 56, 5'8" and my weight this morning was 249.  last time i had a checkup (4 years ago--i go every 5 years unless something comes up)
anyway, last full physical had all numbers still in the "okay" range.  who knows if they still are.  i sure don't want to know :)

in the last 5 or so years i've developed some sciatica pain.  i know its because i'm weighing down my body.  its purely compression.  therefore i do believe that being lighter would be helpful all around.

so.............i'm going to try to blog about this journey.  as a way of being accountable.  i started an account on  its kinda like myfitnesspal.  it helps you log your calories and exercise.

and in the last couple of weeks i've come to realize that i am deficient in the protein category.  this is important because its the protein that makes you feel less hungry.  

so i will try to blog often about my struggles and successes and maybe i can be helpful to someone else. 

i also started a trial of taking golden paste made of turmeric for my aches and pains.  i'm in day 2.  so far it hasn't killed me. :)   i want to find an alternative to ibuprofen and this is touted as one.  

i will keep you informed.   wish me luck!!!!

oh!  and the most important reason of all for me doing this!!!  i'm holding one of them in the picture above (sophie 2 weeks old today and my first granddaughter) .  my grandchildren.  they call me bubby. and i want to be able to go on bear hunts (pretend) for a long, long, time with them.

my boys