Tuesday, March 31, 2015

it's not about LOVE

they like to call it a "love" issue.

if you are against people loving one another, then you are a hater.

heck, even Jesus preached a message of  "love one another".

so christians, how can you believe that it is wrong to "love one another" ?

well.....we can believe that it is wrong, in regards to homosexuality, because it's not about love.

..................it's about sex.

it's about what scripture says is normal, natural, God designed

as opposed to what man says is normal or man designed.

(now don't make me quote scripture here.  we all know it's there)

it's about what scripture tells us is wrong, ungodly, detestable.

(yup....it's in there)

no one in scripture ever came right out and asked Jesus about sexual relations between the same sex because they already knew the answer.  duh. (sodom and gomorrah were real to them)

so, if today, in 2015, Jesus came back and we could ask Him to elaborate His thoughts on this topic, He would give us His answer, probably in a parable which would refer us back to the scriptures.
(again, we all know which ones, don't make me quote.....but  i will if asked to nicely)

He would tell us to "love one another" and not to judge or condemn anyone, while at the same time He would tell us to avoid sin and the appearance of sin.  and.........................

..........................homosexuality is a sin.

yup...................lumped in there with lying, cheating, stealing, adultery, murder, drunkenness, and other sexual sins.  sin comes in many forms and lust for the same sex is one of them.


then there is the woman at the well.  the adulterer.  a sin.  Jesus told her that He did not condemn her.  He was paying the penalty for her sins because He loved her.


then He told her to "GO AND SIN NO MORE."

you see, it's not a LOVE issue.  it's a self control issue.  sex was designed by God as a means to create a family and bond it together.

our sinful natures have made it into everything and anything anyone wants it to  be.

do I judge the homosexual?  in the biblical sense?  do I condemn them?  in other words.....

am I deciding their fate for all eternity?   no, i'm not.

God is the judge and all will be judged and either condemned or redeemed based on their faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

can I be saved through Jesus from eternal punishment and still sin?  yes, i can.

therefore.................a homosexual can be saved, however, they will have to falsely interpret or totally disregard scripture if they want to continue being unrepentant of that sin.  this will lead to them suffering in body and spirit and also potentially causing others (christians)  to stumble in their walk.

if they remain unrepentant and militant, and prideful regarding their sin, then their salvation must be questioned and their theology considered false.

these are the most dangerous people because they can lead others astray in the name of Christ.


should we as Christians LOVE all people?  yes.

should we follow them blindly and quietly down a path of destruction?  no.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

screen obsession

disclaimer:  i have wanted to live a tv free life for at least the last 20 years.  i'll probably never get my wish, but i can dream......................

this post is about that & the way the world is now a days with all this "connectiveness"


detached.........but connected.

facebook, twitter, instagram

likes, comments, followers, friends?

television, netflix, cable, 24 hour news, talking heads

watching people do stuff and go places instead of doing or going

watching fiction, fantasy, recreations, crime dramas.......aliens, bigfoots, monsters........

ignoring your kids, families, friends, strangers, obligations

to stare at a screen.....

        a black box on the wall


                                         in your hand

                                                     on your lap

no conversations

just the tapped out words on a screen


     the endless blabbing on

mute the life in the box, but don't turn it off

screen relationships are easier.  you can walk away when you tire of it.  don't have to invest too much of yourself.

to know more about what's going on in the world

                  than you do about the people right in front of you

to seemingly care more about what a stranger on a screen has to say than what the person

right there with you has to say.

it's a shame........................

tune out.......................turn off...............................LOOK UP!!!!!!

set a timer

have a life

i'm really hoping that there is no television in Heaven.

i fantasize daily about bashing the television to bits with a baseball bat....................................

Sunday, March 15, 2015

our grandsons

we've got five of them!

 joe, (center) he's the oldest at 3 1/2.  brown hair with a double cowlick and brown eyes. he smiles with his eyes and crinkles up his nose and little mouth.  when he's really excited about something he will hop from foot to foot and clasp his hands.  he does that a little less as he gets older.  he absolutely loves to cuddle up and be read to or to watch "tunes" (cartoons).  he remembers everything you tell him.  he gets jokes and sarcasm already.  he seems to be growing like a weed--tall and thin.

ethan(right end), he comes second at 2 1/2.  he is our little towheaded whirlwind!  he is learning and testing his limits daily.  he is fearless and wild while at the same time he is sweet and kind.  he does have a devious & raspy laugh! and he loves to get a rise out of someone!  cars of all kinds are his favorite toy.  we love to see his smiling face in the window when we come down the driveway!

luke (green stripe shirt) is third at about 17 months.  he is our little tough guy.  he doesn't take anything from anyone.  he holds his own with the big boys.  and how to describe his smile? he always seems like he is up to something!  he is also the snuggliest and huggiest of all the boys--he hugs you tight and hangs on!

charlie (left end) is fourth and he is 14 months old.  he is very serious and contemplative.  he is content to do his own thing and he is very guarded of his personal space.  he is slow to warm up to you but when he does you are his friend!  when we come to visit he runs up to me and puts up his arms to be picked up and it makes me just melt!

calvin (dark blue shirt) is fifth in line and he is 13 months old.  he is the only one that is not quite walking yet.  when this boy smiles--watch out!  he smiles with his whole face and his laughter is contagious.  he is also quiet and cautious, but when he finally starts to walk we will probably see that change.

these boys are what make life wonderful and we are so blessed to have them in our lives.