Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Thirty five years

It's a long time

It's a lot of tears

Marriage is hard.

You can't really know someone before you commit.

And then someone changes

Or someone doesn't.

It's what you have

For better or for worse.

There are a lot of betters

There are a lot of worsts.

This is life

This is love.

It's what we are called to do.


Giving up is never an option.

We get older.

We get set in our ways.

I'm okay.  Your okay.

We get comfy in our complacency.

We get a glimpse of the fleeting nature of it all.

We always reach out to grab it and then just let it slip through our fingers.

The truth is that for every smiling Facebook photo op

there are 10,000 tears and heartaches behind it.

We are brave.

Those of us who make it past 30 years.

At that point we must be reasonable thinkers.

So much of it is freaking hard

But so much easier than starting over for sure.

I never envy the young.

I would never want to do over one minute of it.

Because I would make the same exact choices.

Because love is irrational, unexplained, everlasting.