Monday, July 20, 2015

ignorant bliss

i'm a thinker.  i think too much.
things have to make sense to me.
i try to think about things until i can figure out how they make some any way....
sometimes it's such a stretch.
to try to figure out how someone else could possible even think that something makes sense.

are you still following me?

all of this thinking is getting to be too much for my brain.
the world has truly gone mad.....or has it?
.....maybe i'm the one who has gone mad?  some days.....
it feels that way.

at this point in time i feel overwhelmed by the world.
the entire freaking world that sits right the end of my driveway.
sometimes i feel like i want to just stockpile food and quit my job, cancel the tv and internet and in ignorant bliss for a while.
i really, really, really could do this!!!

but!  is that being realistic?  no....probably not.
could i just pick one or two of those things off of that list and do those???

the fact of the matter is this:  would burying my head in the sand save just ONE baby from being violently ripped from its mothers womb?  would it convince just ONE person to seek Jesus and not be a slave to sin?  would it do anyone any good?  including myself?

there are too many voices out there leading people astray.  there are too many Christians out there who are silent on the topics of sin and repentance.  they want to just say "my job is to love and God's job is to judge"................
do we really want to just love people all the way to HELL???????

no one wants to offend.  no one wants to "judge"  no one wants to be that lone voice.
but i do.  i don't know why, but i do.

you see, there are these boys.  and i hate the world they must grow up in.  this world is dangerous, deceitful, and sinful.  the weight of feeling responsible for passing on God's word, teaching them to have a biblical worldview, and showing them how to live a godly life, well, it weighs heavy on me.
extremely heavy.  it seems to be so daunting of a task. my heart aches to think of any of them being led astray because we dropped the ball.  because we didn't want to offend.  because we didn't want to be different.

 because we wanted an easier life lived in ignorant bliss.........................