Tuesday, May 17, 2016


i made it to ten pounds!
and i'm in maintaining mode......i guess........
i'm eating healthy and trying not to eat to much in the evenings.
i haven't been walking too much the last week or two.  i've been having pain in my achilles. yuck. not good.  i'm going to see if i just stretch and rest for a couple of weeks if it gets better.

the reasons i keep going

this is absolutely amazing

Monday, April 18, 2016

week off aftermath

i'm still at it!!!!  week before last i took a week off from micro managing my food and exercise.  i purposefully did not weigh in for a week after that ended and i was still at a 9 lb. loss.  that was last week.  i haven't weighed in this week.  i think i'm going to try to not do it until friday.

i'm still keeping track of everything and exercising.  now that the weather is nicer there are many more opportunities to hike and garden.

i FEEL so much better, even though its just been 9 lbs.  imagine how i will feel when i've lost it all!
wow, i will probably just float away.

we have committed ourselves to do at least 10 hikes in Acadia National Park this season.  #1 is done
on sunday we hike The Great Head Trail

The Great Head Trail is an easy hike around a peninsula that juts out into the ocean.  there is very little elevation gain and the hike was about 2 miles at the most. (we left from sand beach parking lot and returned across the beach).

tomorrow i am going to an Autism walk in Bar Harbor so that should be about 2 miles on flat roads. oh, and its supposed to rain.  ugh.    

as long as i'm being scattered.................

this year i have one less long bed because we took it away to fit the chicken coop and the enclosure (which is not enclosed yet)  so we will be extending the bed all the way on the left and building another smaller one in this area.

i'm getting very close to getting my chicks.  we've gotten this far on the brooder box (thats a light sitting on top of the wire.  i went with a Brinsea ecoglow brooder to simulate the warmth of a mama chicken.  i'm afraid of heat lamps & i love my house.  the plan is to get 6 chicks and they will outgrow this in a few weeks and then we will go to plan b (whatever that is)

exciting times on the wink!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

crazy busy

i don't have a lot of time because i need to go for my walk before i get totally distracted by my day and time slips away.

i've upped my walk to 3 miles--60 minutes, and thats where its going to stay.  that burns approx. 400 calories for me at the moment and that is perfect.

i weighed in on friday and i had lost 9 lbs!!!  then easter weekend with some extra eating and CANDY, so i'm going to be either happy or sad come this friday.  but i'm not going to let it derail me.

the perfect numbers for me seem to be 1600 tops calories with 400 burned.  i lose weight and i'm not hungry.  i'm trying to stick to this goal.

i am a fan of eating a good percentage of my food as raw food.  i don't cook veggies as a general rule.
once a week i buy a lot of produce and then clean and chop everything into containers for salad.  then i can top them with my protein.

i try to use approx 50 % organic.  i heard once that the health benefits of the vegetables balanced it out.  i'm not going to say that is true or not, but in the winter when nothing is growing here in maine you have to do the best you can with the resources at hand.

i'm up to 3 containers full of mostly veggies and good greens.  the fourth container is my husbands (he doesn't like ALL of those veggies!)  the last salad is usually as fresh as the first as long as you are using fresh ingredients to start with.

                                                                   a beautiful thing.
this is my favorite salad combination.  french fried onions, gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries, vidalia onion dressing.  all things measured--ALWAYS!

                                      another beautiful thing--my sweet grand baby sophie!

Monday, March 21, 2016

focusing more on myself

thats what i need to do:  focus more on ME

it doesn't come naturally, but if i'm going to do this thing.  this get healthy, be healthy, lose weight thing......then i have to do it.

i didn't weigh in this morning.  not because i'm afraid to.  i just didn't think of it.  i don't want to be sooo focused on that number on that scale that i become obsessed and then sick of it.

i'm still tweaking things.  still trying to figure out how to get enough protein without eating tons of dairy because i'm not a big meat eater.
i read about quinoa this weekend.  about how its really high in protein for a grain.  turns out i have some in the cupboard so i'm going to cook it and try adding it as one of my vegetable salad toppings.

i've been trying to put beans (black and garbanzo) on my salads.  for dairy its usually gorgonzola or shredded cheddar.

i've decided that i like to chew so smoothies are a no go for breakfast with me.  lol.

i have decided to up the walking to 3 miles this week.  starting today......and its snowing....we are at about  ehh 7 inches?  so i'll do my indoor walk dvd.  they are a 15 min mile pace which is faster than i walk outdoors.

so here is where i'm at (since this post is all over the place)

eating:  need to up my protein.  i don't seem to have a problem with most breakfasts being 300 calories at the most.  keeping snacks at 300 is very challenging but i'm working on it.

exercising:  walking is going well despite this sciatica.  we even went for a long hike on saturday and i survived!  i need to keep track of how many times a week i actually meet my goal on fitness and excercise.  if i'm entering it all on sparkpeople then its being plotted, but i don't enter stuff 7 days a week.

last time i weighed i was down about 6 lbs. that was last wednesday.  i feel like i've done pretty good so i'm just going to keep moving forward. and if i have a set back, whether it be eating some jelly beans or being lazy for a day, i will not let it determine the outcome.

Monday, March 14, 2016

a full life

i didn't update last monday because i ate A LOT  of good stuff on sunday.  the kids cooked food and made an awesome coconut cake for my birthday.

however on wednesday i jumped on the scale and found that i had lost 6 pounds.  6 pounds in 6 weeks. not too shabby.

i have no trouble sticking with the goal of keeping breakfast to 300 calories.  the exercising goal i've been doing well with also.  the eating after 7 pm i only struggle with on the two days i work because my schedule is 9-7 and i want a snack when i get home.  keeping snacks for the day to 300 is also a challenge.  as these were my four goals i am going to just keep working at them until they just come naturally and i don't HAVE to think about them.

we went away this weekend and also ate good food and probably a little too much, but i really tried to eat less than i normally would have.  however, i'm not weighing myself today and i'm going to try to not weigh until next monday.

the magic numbers that i have figured out by using the sparkpeople site, are to keep my calories eaten at about 1600 or less and my calories burned by exercise at about 400.  that gives me the perfect number of 1200 which should allow me to lose at least 2 lbs a week.  however that is only if i don't eat too many calories later in the day.

i'm not going to make any new goals for this week.

Monday, February 29, 2016

setting small goals

i started tracking my eating on www.sparkpeople.com about 4 weeks ago.  at first i just tracked and didn't try really hard to cut back.  i also purposed to exercise a bit more since i had gotten a little lazy over the winter.

after two weeks my weight was the same.  and i was still logging on and keeping track of my food.  thats an achievement!!

so on the third week i decided to start setting little goals.  on week three i set 2 goals.

1.  keep my breakfast calories at 300

2.  up my walking time to 50 minutes  5 times a week.

the results are in:  i lost 2 lbs this past week---great!!!!

so for week four i added another goal:  the keep my snack calories at 300. this is going to be a tough one.  i am an evening snacker!!!!  so i added something else to this goal:  i have to be DONE eating by 7 pm.  so it looks like i should be going to bed earlier.

setting small goals and trying to get them to become habit is my purpose.  i probably will stick with these goals without making more for a few weeks.

so to summarize

breakfast 300 calories
snacks 300 calories total
walk 50 min. 5x week
no food after 7 pm.

i have been taking the turmeric golden paste for a week now instead of ibuprofen (for sciatica and all around aches and pains)

my observations:  while i'm not pain free, i am also not 25 years old.  so some aches and pains are normal and to be expected.  however i really do feel like it has helped with the sciatica pain in my leg.  the burning pain when i walk is gone!  i have also noticed that i'm in a better mood. this could just be from the eating right and exercising, but the turmeric is supposed to be helpful in that respect also.
soooo, i'm going to continue to take it.

there is one more kind of weird thing that i have also decided to do.  i have decided to not get my haircut until i reach my goal weight.  its a control issue with me.

me and my turmeric golden paste!!!

until next time....................

Monday, February 22, 2016

i am such a slacker when it comes to this blog.  i just can't decide what it should be.  


so i am going to make it a health improvement blog.  

at least for the moment.


i'm fat.  

there.  i said it.  

i've always been fit.   yeah.....fat and fit.......

but then.......

i got older.   bleh.

almost 56.  can you believe it?  i don't look a day over 55!!!

i can't ignore it anymore.  

i'm fat.  its okay though.........i've got a plan

i'm gonna eat less and i'm going to walk more.  sounds simple enough!  i think i can do this!!!!

first i have to be honest.   in public........

i'm 56, 5'8" and my weight this morning was 249.  last time i had a checkup (4 years ago--i go every 5 years unless something comes up)
anyway, last full physical had all numbers still in the "okay" range.  who knows if they still are.  i sure don't want to know :)

in the last 5 or so years i've developed some sciatica pain.  i know its because i'm weighing down my body.  its purely compression.  therefore i do believe that being lighter would be helpful all around.

so.............i'm going to try to blog about this journey.  as a way of being accountable.  i started an account on sparkpeople.com.  its kinda like myfitnesspal.  it helps you log your calories and exercise.

and in the last couple of weeks i've come to realize that i am deficient in the protein category.  this is important because its the protein that makes you feel less hungry.  

so i will try to blog often about my struggles and successes and maybe i can be helpful to someone else. 

i also started a trial of taking golden paste made of turmeric for my aches and pains.  i'm in day 2.  so far it hasn't killed me. :)   i want to find an alternative to ibuprofen and this is touted as one.  

i will keep you informed.   wish me luck!!!!

oh!  and the most important reason of all for me doing this!!!  i'm holding one of them in the picture above (sophie 2 weeks old today and my first granddaughter) .  my grandchildren.  they call me bubby. and i want to be able to go on bear hunts (pretend) for a long, long, time with them.

my boys