Thursday, February 8, 2018

Calico Critters Dollhouse DIY

A few months ago I saw my first Calico Critter and I was in love with them!  I knew that we had to build a dollhouse for the critter family that I was going to get for our granddaughters second birthday. 

I had to do way too much research to figure out what size and what furniture and so on.  

So I have decided to share what I learned and what we did.

The dollhouse is built from a 1 x 8 x 8 of the premium pine from Lowes which cost about $20
The backing is a piece of luann plywood.
The floors are approx. 18 inches
side walls and roof pieces are approx. 12 inches
the angles at the peak and the top of the walls are 30 deg.
hubby used wood glue, a couple of screws and brad nails
I painted it and glued scrapbook paper to the back walls.

The Calico Critters Sandy Cat Family and the Wooden Wonders Dollhouse furniture was purchased through Amazon.  Best price I could find.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but it turned out that this furniture is perfect for the Calico Critters!  The furniture is simple and easy for a 2 year old to handle.  

We are so happy with the way this turned out and we are positive that when she receives it she will be so excited!!

I tried to include photos that could help you see how it was constructed and also to see how the furnishings really are.  The size is slightly bigger than calico critter size, and will work with regular dollhouse dolls later on.  They are simple furnishings and cute little critters--perfect for our two year old little grandgirlie!!