Monday, November 12, 2018

A Tale of Two Ostriches

Sunday morning during fellowship time I poured myself a cup of coffee; bit of cream, no sugar, then I stood at the end of the counter trying to decide who I was going to chit chat with this week.  I try to mix it up so I'm not all cliquey.

As I stood there savoring my first sips of coffee, an older gentleman with a cane came by and picked up a cookie.  As he was looking over all of the other unhealthy options being offered (hehehe) I half-jokingly said "don't eat too many of those!"

*Now, for a bit of back story, this man knows all about Jeff's cancer diagnosis and how we healed it with God and diet.

Well, he proceeded to tell me that I am a control freak and he didn't know how my husband put up with it!  My reply was that, yes, I was in control to a great extent of everything my husband puts into his mouth.  I also told him that it was because I love him and want us to be healthy and strong.

This man went on to state that it didn't matter what you ate in your life, that God has numbered your days and has appointed the time that you will pass on.

I couldn't really argue with that last point, but I did reply that cancer had scared us into eating super healthy!

His reply:  (at this point I decided to let him string enough rope out to make a noose)  "I've had cancer three times! And a heart issue too!  And I'm still here!  (he is 72)  And all that is wrong with me is a bum knee!"

Me:  At this point I'm just hoping that somewhere in his subconscious self lights were beginning to flicker on when he said those things. Just hoping.  So I just said:  "Well then, have a few more cookies, you deserve them!"

Next story

Walking through the grocery store I meet a man I used to work with.  He is older than I and he looks terrible.  He never did look all that healthy before, but now?  Downright awful.  He can't hardly walk due to an injury and his face was all red and puffy.

I decided to share with him our story about changing our diet to mostly plant based.

His reply?  I eat plant based.  All the meat I eat, eats plants.  Well, you can't argue with that logic, can ya?  So I took that opportunity to point out the package of red hot dogs in his cart.  Then Jeff may have said I was a real food critic now.  Then I said I would pray for him.

Last post I think I shared a quote:  "Are we living too short and dying too long?"

These men are set in their ways and unwilling to change.  At this point.  There is always hope.
Jeff is proof of that.

They would rather suffer through years of cancer, heart disease, pain and suffering than to accept the responsibility that great health is within reach.

It's the easiest solution to good health.  It's the hardest solution to good health.

If God has appointed me a certain amount of years, wouldn't I want to live the bulk of them in good health?  YES!!

I share this story in hopes that someone is encouraged.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Don't follow the dietary script!

I listened to a couple of documentaries this morning.  There is a series of five.  I can't possibly just sit and watch them so I turned them up loud and listened to them.  I kept a notebook nearby to jot down information and such.  This is what I found important.  It is very random, but very important!

*Avoid what has been changed (food)
  starting in about 1985 the majority of wheat consumed has been fiddled with and mutated from the
  original wheat that our ancestors ate.  Yes, it's different than what we grew up on (I'm 58).

  This coincides with the drastic rise in auto immune disorders, diabetes, cancer, obesity,  etc....

---seek out alternate grains.  there is still wheat being grown organically from original seed stock.

*Avoid ALL food coloring!  They are petroleum based and our bodies cannot process correctly.
  Better yet, avoid ALL processed foods!  If it has an ingredient list, then forget about it!


"Are we living too short and dying  too long?"

Are we spending a longer amount of our years overweight, in pain, being sick?  I'm thinking we are!

"Leave the food that man made-Eat the food that God made"

Whole Foods!!!

*Fear & Anxiety contribute to poor health and obesity.
  fear/anxiety keeps your body in a constant fight or flight mode which slows your metabolism way

*Make relaxation a priority
*Let Go!
*Don't pick up what ain't yours!
  this is my mantra lately and it helps!

 Seek opportunities for natural movement throughout the day.  Don't sit too much.

Think about this question


I think a lot of people are.  Most people can't give up their bad habits because they don't want to step out and be different.  Just do it!