Sunday, September 29, 2013

family memories

yesterday was julies baby shower. 26 women and 5 children. in my little house.
but it worked. everyone had a good time
julie was happy.
thats what i was going for

her and ben were blessed with so many wonderful gifts
but more importantly time was spent with family and friends
and i was able to feed all of these people, plus the 8 men when they came back from their hiking--without stressing--i had a good time too!

and i couldn't have done it without my daughter in laws meghan and sarah. i thank them for helping me make the day special for julie

i had a lot of fun planning and crafting for this with pinterest for inspiration

                                                                  bubby & grammy
now we just sit back and wait for the babies to come
meghan is due on oct.24th.  everyone seems to think that baby lukas will come a bit earlier.
family is everything.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

down day

no worries! i'm happy!  this has been my only day in the past week to just stay home and i'm finding it hard to just sit down!!!!

i went on a trip down to mass. to go to IKEA with a friend. we had an awesome time and came back with her entire car filled with my stuff.  she promised next time she would fill it with her stuff too!
this was a long awaited spending spree that jeff agreed i should go on.  i ticked off tons of items from my wish list.  it was all about me (for a change)


i did buy these cute little blue chairs to go with a little white table i got from ikea a few years ago--perfect for the boys

its a warm, muggy day today. probably the last one we will have this season. fall is upon us. its been a pretty wet summer and i haven't ventured up to my chair in the woods. i did today but the mosquitos are still pretty bad. so i came back down to the yard and let the dragonflies protect me from the bugs.  i even had my bug zapper, but there were just too many of them buggers!

 i haven't done my "ings" in a while, so here you go
listening:  leaves rustling, crickets chirping, logging trucks rumbling
eating:  nothing
drinking: water
wearing:  blue sweats, white & blue tee with butterlies & sneaks
feeling:  okay. not too anxious or worried.  restless
weather:  nice early fall day, slight breeze, blue sky, warm and humid
wanting:  to shower, i feel buggy and sweaty from my walk
needing:  to focus more on most important tasks
thinking:  about what to make for dinner, i haven't been shopping too much lately for food
seeing:  the woods beginning to yellow, maples reddening, sheets flapping on the line; pink & red, my home sweet home
enjoying:  being home today

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

what i'm up to


a diaper wreath for the baby shower. i'm also working on a 3 tier diaper cake and little diaper babies to put in a basket.

we chicken sat for the neighbors over the weekend and this is one of the eggs (on the right, the one on the left is a grocery store large egg)


the eggs were really good. i really need to get off my a** and get chickens

i'm going on a shopping trip this weekend down to massachusetts with a friend.  we are going to IKEA!!!!!!! can you tell i'm excited.  its a five hour drive so we are staying overnight. then we will shop our way back home through kittery and portland.  i've not been away from jeff in a really long time so i'm feeling excited and nervous at the same time. but it will be good to get away from things for a bit. 


otherwise all the pregnant ladies are doing great. and something else we've been waiting on for a while finally happened........

jeff turned 55 in august and his UPS pension started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  first check came this week. we are still so amazed by it.  he worked there for 17 years and now they will pay him for the rest of his life.  its not tons of money by most people standards, but it doubles our income. sigh.......the teamsters union is good for something ;)