Monday, April 18, 2016

week off aftermath

i'm still at it!!!!  week before last i took a week off from micro managing my food and exercise.  i purposefully did not weigh in for a week after that ended and i was still at a 9 lb. loss.  that was last week.  i haven't weighed in this week.  i think i'm going to try to not do it until friday.

i'm still keeping track of everything and exercising.  now that the weather is nicer there are many more opportunities to hike and garden.

i FEEL so much better, even though its just been 9 lbs.  imagine how i will feel when i've lost it all!
wow, i will probably just float away.

we have committed ourselves to do at least 10 hikes in Acadia National Park this season.  #1 is done
on sunday we hike The Great Head Trail

The Great Head Trail is an easy hike around a peninsula that juts out into the ocean.  there is very little elevation gain and the hike was about 2 miles at the most. (we left from sand beach parking lot and returned across the beach).

tomorrow i am going to an Autism walk in Bar Harbor so that should be about 2 miles on flat roads. oh, and its supposed to rain.  ugh.    

as long as i'm being scattered.................

this year i have one less long bed because we took it away to fit the chicken coop and the enclosure (which is not enclosed yet)  so we will be extending the bed all the way on the left and building another smaller one in this area.

i'm getting very close to getting my chicks.  we've gotten this far on the brooder box (thats a light sitting on top of the wire.  i went with a Brinsea ecoglow brooder to simulate the warmth of a mama chicken.  i'm afraid of heat lamps & i love my house.  the plan is to get 6 chicks and they will outgrow this in a few weeks and then we will go to plan b (whatever that is)

exciting times on the wink!


  1. You have such beautiful places to walk. I love being outside, and that is an awesome way to exercise. I would love to live where you do. I was just telling my boss today that I would love to have chickens. I can't wait to read about when you get them!

  2. What a lovely walking place.
    Love daddy has lots of them.
    You are doing great. Proud of you.