Sunday, August 2, 2015

stop the slaughter

i know someone who had a late term abortion.

i don't blame her.  i blame those who suggested it and insisted on it being the only option.
i blame it on those who are part of the generation of liberation and ignorance.

i'm grateful for the fact that i was conceived and born before Roe v Wade.
otherwise i'm pretty sure there would be a significant chance that i would not be here to write this.

this is sad.

there is mercy and forgiveness for those who repent of their actions.
but there is no mercy or forgiveness for those who continue with the lies and deception of what is really going on here.
to take pride in the taking of an innocent life is the ultimate in depravity.
it's not "tissue"
its a human being with a beating heart.

i have been guilty of turning my head and looking the other way.
saying that i am pro-life is just lip service.
they are just words.
what do i do to show it?
i've never been tested by this.
life is wonderful in my little bubble world.

i can't save the world.
but can i save just one baby?
can i be more than just about words?

i know that the number one thing i am called to do is to pray.
nothing is more important than calling on God and seeking His will and His wisdom.

this is a good beginning.
a starting point.

there are other ideas and/or habits i've been kicking around.
i'll share them here when i get some solid plan.

all i know right now is that i was angry.
then i was sad.
and now i'm angry, sad, and determined.

i'm embarrassed to say that it took news of an abortion mill selling baby parts to wake me up.
but i'm awake now and i'm promising not to sleep again.

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